About Rent.nl

Never respond late to a rental property again?
Since 2004, we have focused on making your search for a suitable house, room, apartment or studio easier and faster. Due to the tightness in the housing market, we have seen in recent years that it is important to respond quickly.

Speed & convenience
That's what prompted the creation of Rent.nl, a service that lets you be the first to know about the latest rental offerings. And to make this as easy as possible, we send you rental properties via Whatsapp. The link in this message will take you directly to the renting party and you will be able to be the first to respond.

Different providers in 1 place
Because we collect the offers of different landlords and brokers in one place, we find more than 2,000 rental properties per month. Based on your housing needs, we send you the suitable offer. On average, our users find a suitable rental property within 4 to 8 weeks!

How does it work?


Choose your place

where you want to live and indicate your housing needs.


Receive directly

a notification as soon as a property appears online.


Be the first to react

on the property and increase your chances.

Our team



As founder, Bart is the founder of our solution and the driving force in its continued development.



Ronald makes Bart's ideas a reality. He is responsible for the advanced technology of our service.



Roy ensures that people looking for a rental property know the way to Rent.nl



Annette is our rock and ensures that all administration runs smoothly.

Our info:

Rent.nl is a trade name of
Inversive Media B.V.

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Contact Rent.nl


[email protected]

Please note that we cannot answer specific questions about properties. Please contact the landlord for that.