Terms and conditions


De following terms in these terms & conditions are defined as follows:

(a trade name of) Inversive Media B.V.;
the webpage accessible via www.rent.nl;
an online platform and Website through which Landlords can offer rooms for rent and Tenants can search for such rooms;
a visitor of the Website that is in search of an object to rent;
a registered visitor of the Website that offers one or more objects for rent on the Website;
Tenants and Landlords;
a Tenant with a subscription to the Website;
an advertisement on the Website.


These terms & conditions are applicable to every use of the Service and the Website. Rent.nl reserves the right to make changes to these terms & conditions. In the event of such changes Rent.nl shall timely notify the User thereof. If the User wishes not to accept such changes he or she can terminate the use of the Service and the Website before these changes enter into effect.

The use of the Service

Rent.nl shall make an effort to make the Service available to Users. Rent.nl does not warrant the availability of the Service nor any result in the relation to the Service.

Rent.nl is no real estate agent, Landlord or Tenant. Rent.nl is not substantively involved in the correspondence between Users, nor in their process of entering into a (tenancy) agreement, nor a party to that agreement.

Users are obligated to use the Service in accordance with the purposes of the Service, the applicable laws and regulations, and standards of decency and moral values. Rent.nl reserves the right to deny Users access to the Service and Website in the event they act in violation of such purposes, laws and regulations, standards and values.

In the event of any questions or remarks in relation to the Service and Website Users can get into contact with Rent.nl via the contact form on the Website.

Registration and account

Users may be required to register. Users can register via the registration form on the Website, in which event Users create an account with a username and password. Upon registration Rent.nl may require to verify the User’s identity, for example with iDIN-verification or through confirmation of an email address, phone number and a iDeal bank transfer of € 0,01.

Registered Users are solely responsible for the use and administration of their account. They are not allowed to share their account with others and shall keep their credentials confidential at all times. If the registered User knows or suspects that others (may) have access to their account they shall immediately contact Rent.nl.


Tenants can subscribe to Rent.nl. Subscriber have access to more functionalities of the Website, such as placement of Notices on the Website and entering into contact with Landlords via the Platform.

Upon subscription Subscribers enter into an agreement with Rent.nl for an indefinite period of time. Subscribers can terminate the subscription on a monthly basis before the end of the following month. The subscription fee will be published on the Website. The subscription fee will be collected on a monthly basis through automatic collection or credit card charge, to which the Subscriber authorizes Rent.nl upon subscription. The Subscriber shall ensure to have sufficient bank balance or credit on the collection date. Rent.nl reserves the right to terminate or temporarily suspend the subscription in the event the Subscriber fails to do so.

The Subscriber has a reflection period (“bedenktermijn”) of fourteen days starting the day after the subscription. The subscriber can terminate the subscription within this period effective immediately and without any costs. In the event the Subscriber wishes to do so, the Subscriber can send an email to [email protected]. The aforementioned right expires in the event the Subscriber has used the Service in the reflection period, for example by the placement of a Notice or a Reply. The Subscriber explicitly agrees that Rent.nl makes the Service available within the reflection period and that Rent.nl charges a reimbursement in the event the Subscriber terminates the subscription within the reflection period but has already made use of the Service. This minimum reimbursement charged shall be the equivalent of the monthly subscription fee. In the event the actual costs exceed this amount, Rent.nl reserves the right to charge the exceeding amount.

Rent.nl reserves the right to change the subscription fee. In the event Rent.nl changes de subscription fee for existing Subscribers, Rent.nl shall give timely notice of such changes. In the event Subscribers wish not to accept the changed subscription fee, they can terminate the subscription.

Intellectual property

Rent.nl owns all rights of intellectual property in relation to the Service and Website. Users guarantee that they shall not in any way infringe those rights.


Rent.nl is not liable for any claims in relation to the information, statements or communication by Users via the Platform or on the Website.

Rent.nl is not in any way involved or a party in the contact between Landlords and Tenants after their initial contact through a Notice, Offer and/or Reply. For the avoidance of doubt Rent.nl is not in anyway involved in or a party to any (tenancy) agreement between Landlords and Tenants. Therefore Rent.nl is not in any way liable for any claims in relation to such an agreement.

Rent.nl does not guarantee that the Service works adequately at all times, such as (but not limited to) without exchange of viruses or other harmful files, and can not be hold liable in such an event.

In the event Rent.nl is liable to a Subscriber, the liability shall not exceed the total amount of subscription fee paid by the Subscriber to Rent.nl.


Rent.nl might process personal data of Users. For more information regarding this processing and the security measures taken Rent.nl refers to the privacy statement.

Applicable law and forum

The use of the Service and these terms & conditions are governed by the laws of The Netherlands. All disputes in relation to the Service and these terms & conditions shall be exclusively settled by the competent court in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.